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Our professional grade Leather Spray Paint is recommended by upholsterers across automotive and furniture trades. It allows you to restore or colour any leather quickly and easily without the hassle of liquids, cloths and applicators; the range of applications includes leather furniture, car interiors, leather shoes and much more. What’s more, our friendly staff are always on hand if you need any assistance.

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Our Leather Spray Paint is the perfect solution for renewing that piece of furniture you’ve considered replacing; it is specially formulated for leather and permanent once it’s set.

Important; our Leather Spray Paint is a two part system, you will also need to purchase the ‘Clear Leather Primer’ in order for the product to correctly dye your leather item. Once the Clear Leather Primer has been applied you simply spray whatever colour you want on top. As a guide, 1 CAN OF PRIMER IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY 4 CANS OF COLOUR (1 part primer to 4 parts colour).

Our Simply Spray Leather Spray Paint is a revolutionary new form of spray paint designed to be permanent on leather, it will not peel or rub off once the paint has set (72 hours). Our Leather Spray Paint is completely non-toxic and non-flammable and does not need heat setting; it dries permanently naturally which makes it an ideal leather dye for use on both interior and exterior surfaces.

Simply Spray Leather Spray Paint provides a great quality finish and is extremely durable; its UV protection ensures the colour will last much longer than any other leather dye. It is also very economical and affordable; for example, 1 x can will cover approximately 1.5 square meters of leather.

Leather Spray Paint features:

  • Dries to touch in just 30 minutes (72 hours before use)
  • Does not rub off on clothes and is UV protected
  • Dries at room temperature – no need to heat set
  • Washes off your hands easily with soap and water
  • Fade resistant
  • Safe for children
  • Easy to use
  • No fumes or odour

Upholstery Paints’s Leather Spray Paint can transform your favorite old furniture, Leather Sofas, Leather cushions, Leather Chairs, Leather Seats in cars, boats and many more applications both quickly and easily.
Upholstery Paint Leather Spray Paint dries permanent and flexible while your work area cleans up easily; it will not peel or crack. The special Leather Spray formula uses a food-safe gas as a propellant so is non-toxic. So what are you waiting for? Try some fabric paint today!

Furniture still sturdy but faded? Shocked by high leather repair costs? Is your car’s interior a bit dingy? Just spray paint it using our Leather Spray. Do it yourself and save money. Watch our video demonstration and see how easy it is to spray your sofa or car seats.
Does not rub off on clothes and is UV protected.

Rejuvenate sofas, chairs, cushions, carpets, curtains, pillows and all leather furniture!

Great for large surface areas.

IMPORTANT: Before commencing your project, please ensure you have read our ‘Instructions For Use’ and ‘Storage Information’ guide. Click here for detailed information.
Not all Leather will be suitable for spraying with Leather Spray. We recommend that you carry out a quick test to see if it is suitable to use on your fabric. As a rule of thumb, if water can absorb into the fabric then Simply Spray will too.

If your fabric is coated in some way and water cannot absorb into it, then Simply Spray will not work. You can simply pour some water onto the fabric and see if it absorbs into the fabric or if it runs off. We always recommend that you try Upholstry Spray on a small, out of the way, patch of your furniture just to ensure it is suitable, before you spray the full sofa, chair etc.
Our Leather Spray is designed to work on lighter fabrics and will not show up if applied to dark fabrics, this is because the liquid absorbs into the material to create a colour change.

How to Dye Leather

Our Leather Paint for Furniture covers a wide range of furniture types. The Leather Spray Dye offers a great rejuvenation opportunity to create a superb result.

One can provides coverage of approximately 1.5 square meters.

This is the most common question we are asked! Basically, the more absorbent your leather, the more paint it will need, but as a rule of thumb, and if used as per the instructions, one can will provide coverage for approximately 1.5 square meters.

Here are some project examples for you:

Office chairs: 1 x can should be enough for two office chairs.

Arm chair: 3 x cans should be enough for this application.

Recliner: 6 x cans should be enough for this application.

Standard size sofa / couch: 12 x cans should be enough for this application.

Car interior: 6 to 12 cans will be needed, depending on the size of the vehicle.

How much does Leather Spray Paint cover?

One can of Leather Spray Paint will cover approximately 1.5 square meters (17 square feet) evenly.

Important; our Leather Spray Paint is a two part system, you will also need to purchase the ‘Clear Leather Primer’ in order for the product to correctly dye your leather item. Once the Clear Leather Primer has been applied you simply spray whatever colour you want on top. As a guide, 1 CAN OF PRIMER IS REQUIRED FOR EVERY 4 CANS OF COLOUR (1 part primer to 4 parts colour); meaning that one can of the ‘Clear Leather Primer’ will cover approximately 6 square meters.

Will Leather Spray Paint peel or rub off when dry?

Our Simply Spray Leather Spray Paint is a revolutionary new form of spray paint designed to be permanent on leather, it will not peel or rub off once the paint has set (72 hours).

Can I completely change the colour I am painting (i.e. paint my black leather white or assorted colour combinations)?

We recommend you stay within the same colour family, or choose a very dark colour, such as black or charcoal. Always remember to test a small area first to make sure you like what you see!

Will Simply Spray Leather Spray Paint rub off onto clothing?

The paint should adhere into the leather and after 72 hours it should not rub off. Test by running your hand over the material, if any paint rubs off, it is because there is excess paint that did not absorb into the material. You can use a dry rag to wipe the excess paint.

Can you wash materials sprayed with Leather Spray Paint?

Yes, we recommend you wash as you would any other leather items, with a damp cloth; not in a washing machine.

Can I use Leather Spray Paint indoors or does it have strong fumes?

Simply Spray is non-toxic, non-flammable and has no fume or odours. The propellant in the can is very safe and is the same propellant used with food, such as whip cream. The propellant is odourless. Occasionally, you may smell a faint paint odour if you are using a large number of cans indoors. If you have sensitivities, you should use the product in a ventilated area to be on the safe side.

Do I have to heat set my project?

NO! One of the greatest things about Simply Spray Leather Paint is that it sets itself. You do not need to set in any way, just allow it to dry naturally; wait 72 hours before washing.

Is Simply Spray Leather Spray Paint safe for children?

YES! All Simply Spray products are safe for everyone. They are non-toxic and non-flammable. Simply Spray products are aerosol but do not contain ANY harsh ingredients or inhalants. Its secret formula is safe and conforms to ASTM-D 4236.

My can will not spray again, what should I do?

DON’T PANIC! You might have pulled the trigger back too hard. If the trigger is pulled back too hard, it can “stick”. Simply put your index finger behind the blue trigger and push it forward. A “pop” or “click” should happen. If you push on the trigger a few times, it should start spraying again.

If you don’t leave your can with the trigger in the correct “off position”, the gas will seep out, rendering the can unusable. When done using the can, make sure the trigger is fully pushed forward and in the off position. Even pulling lightly on the nozzle will allow the gas to seep out.

Paint may build up in the nozzle after it is used. If this happens, pick off any excess dried paint from the nozzle opening, then flip the can upside down and spray to clear the passage. The force of the spray should clear the way. We also suggest storing your used paints upside-down in water if you will not be using them right away (with trigger in off position).

Is it safe to use around pets?

Simply Spray Leather Paint is safe to use on leather that will be in contact with your pet, such as a pet bed. We do not recommend that you spray the paint on your pet or near your pet.

I accidentally got some paint on my clothing, what can I do?

One of the great things about Simply Spray paints is that they are permanent on your project. When you accidentally get Simply Spray on your clothes…you want to wash them as soon as possible. You should wash your clothes using liquid fabric softener because fabric softener breaks down the pigment in the paint. Unfortunately, there’s not a universal solution to remove permanent paint from clothing, all material is different. Keep washing them and put soap directly on the paint and scrub using a washcloth for friction.

What happens if I get Leather Spray Paint on my skin?

You can wash Simply Spray off your skin with regular soap, water and a little help from a cloth. If you wash your hands immediately after using, the paint should come off with little effort.

Should I wear gloves when I use Leather Spray Paint?

Sometimes wearing gloves can cause more of a problem than you would think…. The paint will not absorb into the glove and will transfer onto your project.

I am planning to use Leather Spray Paint outside; will it ruin my grass if I get paint on it?

We always recommend that you cover your work area. Simply Spray is not harmful if you get some on your grass, but it will change the colour of your grass temporarily.

What happens if I get Leather Spray Paint on my cement / driveway?

We always recommend that you cover your work area. Simply Spray will soak into your cement and can be difficult to remove. You should wash the area with a steel brush and strong cleaner that won’t harm the surface.

How do I use it?

Remember, this is a two part system so to begin you need to apply a coat of our ‘Clear Leather Primer’; typically you will use one can of primer for every four cans of colour.

Once the primer has been applied and is dry, our Leather Spray Paint should be applied like any other spray paint. For even coverage, we recommend spraying a few lighter coats instead of one heavy coat, allowing each coat to dry completely (about 30 minutes). Click here for detailed instructions.

Please read instructions completely before beginning application; they are also included on the can for when you purchase.


· For best results, do not apply at temperatures below 60 degrees F (15 degrees C).

· Test all product in a small, inconspicuous area to assure desired results.

· Before applying, clean leather surface with a warm, wet lint-free cloth to remove dust and debris.

· Let dry thoroughly.

· Protect work area with newspaper.

Applying the Primer:

· Spray Primer generously and then wipe with a clean, dry lint-free cloth to work Primer into nooks and crannies, to ensure even coverage and to remove excess spray.

· Only ONE coat is needed (1 can of Primer to 4 cans of colour is a good guide).

· Do not reapply Primer after applying Colour.

Applying the Colour:

· Apply Colour evenly, holding can 6 to 8 inches from surface.

· Do not soak.

· Wipe gently with a clean, dry lint-free cloth and work Colour into nooks and crannies.

· Repeat until desired colour density is achieved.

· If you see streaks, repeat spray and wipe lightly until is consistently even.

· Note: if you are applying Black Colour to a light leather, or if you are changing original colour, it will require 2 coats of Colour.

· Let Colour dry to the touch for one hour between coats.

· Do no reapply Primer after applying Colour

· Leather Spray Paint requires 72 hours to cure, do not continue normal use for 72 hours.

Clean up:

· Washes off hands with soap and water.

· If there is still product in the can after your project is finished, avoid clogging by removing trigger head from can and soaking in hot water until cleared.

· Dry trigger head and place back on can.

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  1. 5 out of 5


    I bought some of the Saddle Brown Leather Spray Paint from Upholstery Paints last week. I must say that I was delighted with the results I achieved. My passion for all things equine led me to want to theme my lounge to suit my taste and match the decor I wanted. Choosing the Leather Spray Paint was a great decision for me as it was very cost effective and really delivered super results. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Thanks. Rita x

  2. 4 out of 5


    WOW! I got great results from the Leather Spray Paint that I bought from Upholstery Paints. The order came super quick and helped me refresh my tired and faded black leather sofa. My wife thought I’d bought a brand new sofa when she came home! What a bargain and excellent results, I’m really pleased.

  3. 5 out of 5


    GREAT RESULTS! I am so pleased with the project I did for my conservatory. I had a sun-bleached sofa looking worn and wasted which was bought back to life with the Leather Spray Paint from Upholstery Paints. I’m glad I chose this product as it was great, easy to use and offered a large can to help save cost.

  4. 5 out of 5


    Bought the Black Leather Spray Paint for my sofa and I’m delighted with the result. Order came quick and I spent the time in my garage and thanks to the helpful instructions I had order the right amount and I am really pleased.

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