Upholstery Projects

Upholstery Paints Projects

Here you will see the various customer projects that have been achieved using the Upholstery Fabric Paint.


Spray Paint Cushion Covers

Here you can see our ‘Bright Red’¬†Upholstery Fabric Paint being used to paint a cushion cover to compliment a new colour scheme.

Rather than purchasing new furnishings our Upholstery Paints can be used to give existing soft furnishings some much needed life and at a fraction of the cost of buying new; it is also fun to do! The before and after effect lets you see that the paint will only cover the lighter parts of fabric, thus retaining the black pattern.



Upholstery Paint For Car Interior

This project shows a renovation of a family car.  The owner took pictures before and after the project showing the amazing transformation.

Using a colour coordinated approach the owner has achieved a very nice finish to the interior both on the seats and the door panels.